Different ways to help Gavin’s Gadgets towards the running costs & coffee

This is a slightly different call of help. Gavin’s Gadgets is now in its 4th Year and is about to breach the allocated space barrier provided by WordPress. The solution is always simple. Pay more money to WordPress (again) 🙂

So if you enjoy visiting Gavin’s Gadgets and appreciate the near lack of advertising, which is rather unique in today’s world, then please think about helping in one or two different ways.

The easiest if you’re living in the UK, is to visit Amazon UK via my affiliate link below. That way I earn a few pennies every time you need to buy something without it costing you anything extra. You need to go through my affiliate link every time you want to buy something as it doesn’t remember previous visits.


If you don’t like Amazon, or aren’t in the UK, the only other method is a small donation via PayPal. I don’t mind if you want to give a little more either 🙂 Every donation is massively helpful and appreciated. To donate via paypal please use email – gavinfabl at gmail dot com.

Thanks in advance.


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