Details, Links and Times of the Key Press Events/Launches at MWC 2016

Below are details of all the key press events being held at MWC. Times are GMT, UK.

Today – Sunday 21st February

LG — 13:00 hrs – Click HERE to watch Live Stream
Huawei — 13:00 hrs
ZTE — 15:30 hrs
Samsung — 18:00 hrs – Click HERE to watch

Monday, 22nd February

Sony — 07:30 hrs
Gionee — 13:00 hrs

Tuesday, 23rd February

Acer — 17:00 hrs

Lots of exciting news coming today, so stay tuned!


10 thoughts on “Details, Links and Times of the Key Press Events/Launches at MWC 2016

  1. 20 mins before for the LG presentation. I want a better presentation than the older who are “very bad”. Samsung are better in this area. I don’t want a huge speak about “we are create a new world, we are good, we develop the future”, it’s lol and the public sleep…


      1. Yes, better than the past. No figures, no huge speak, it’s nice. It’s rare to do not have information about loading time battery, if the phone use amoled, if the photo are nice in low light. We saw than all this aspects are good but for the pro-smartphones, it’s the first time that they must be waiting more information, nice LG.

        As Jah, i waiting the end of MWC, actually, “i’ll be getting the LG 5”. I waiting also a stupid information, about the quick cover, how it could be compatible with the friends modules ….? (especially LG CAM plus)


  2. After i look few videos, the LG G5 lost the new settings of video of LG V10, i don’t know if it’s dramatic. Also, the grip, it’s nice for the right hand but for people who use left hand ? ^^ it’s a little annoying. Also, even if i don’t see vidéo about the official quick cover, i doubt about the compatibility of it with other modules. In all the cases, it’s a good deal.


  3. Disapointing presentation of Samsung, so many speak… and the bonus the Mark”Book”^^, it’s an Oculus presentation ? After my words, Samsung seems to have a very nice camera, but we must be waiting test to compare with other products. If the two camera of LG G5 were only present for wide range, it’s bad … but we could expect more with Qualcoùm technology


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