Shot on an iPhone – Delicious food – Gavin’s Gourmet Kitchen


Eton Mess – 28 calories. 

Lasagne + Garlic Bread – 108 calories. 

Last night I posted  on Twitter 2 photos with a calorific guide. 

The responses were somewhat hilarious with all sorts of ways the above could be made at such low calorific value. Some also got the joke and posted other shots of food with fictitious calorie values. 

I was even accused of being lousy at maths. 

If it looks too good to be true, it generally means it is 😉

Eton Mess – 28 calories per teaspoon. That plate 2,200 calories. OMG it was to die for as well. 

Lasagne + Garlic Bread – 108 calories for 10% of plate. That plate 1,008 calories. 

Photography – iPhone 6S Plus using ProCamera+ – see other post today for a review of ProCamera +. 

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