My Notification Widgets on my iPhone 6S Plus 

Pulling down the notification centre on your iPhone reveals your widgets and notifications. 

I decided to use the widgets from the apps as shown below. These widget options are available for some of the pre installed apps or when you either install apps from the App Store. 

So after I selected my preferred options the widgets appeared displaying useful information. 

At anytime I can slide across to view my app notifications. The Netatmo widget shows information from the Netatmo Urban Weather station. 

The Google Maps widget scans your location to provide public transport information. On a Sunday we have no buses but during the week it shows the next bus and its number , when it’s due and where the bus stop is in our village. 

Below are some of the widgets are could have activated. 

So what do some of these widgets look like. Let’s have a look. 

You get a host of interesting information and remember all this is available with a simple swipe down from the top of the screen. 

Netatmo Comfort is a third party app for the Netatmo Weather station and has the same data available for the Apple Watch along with Apple Watch complications. Really cool stuff. 

Pcalc brings a calculator ready to use in the notification centre. It also provides a calculator for the Apple Watch. 

As you can see dependant on your apps installed also depends on what you can include in the notification centre. 

Scrolling to the bottom of the notification centre shows “edit”. Click on this to add or remove items and move the order sequence to your liking. 

All in all the notification centre can be tailored to your hearts content. 

So have you got any preferred apps?

2 thoughts on “My Notification Widgets on my iPhone 6S Plus 

  1. I have a few the same as you Gavin but some others I also use are:-
    Sunrise and W. Calendar ~ each with great calendar data.
    Network Widget ~ a running graph showing real time DL and UL Kbps with Start/Reset options.
    SnapStats ~ with selectable table for Device/Network/Battery/Disk/RAM.
    Widget Data ~ showing how much data and remaining % with days left.
    Flashlight w/ Compass ~ moving Compass and flashlight options.
    Pinot ~ moving map with bearing/location/speed/altitude.

    I look upon these as Apples answer to Widgets found on the Home Screens of Android devices.

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