My Apple iPhone 6S Plus Home screens 

A few people have asked me recently how I organise my home screens on my iPhone 6S Plus. 

Well I have apps on the first screen. Each folder has apps positioned carefully so more frequently used apps are on the right side inside the folder. With iOS Reachability I can double tap the home button to drop the screen to reach the top section faster. 

And the second screen I fill this with games. 

If you would like to know anymore about any of the apps then just ask. 

I intend to do a post of my photography apps shortly. 


5 thoughts on “My Apple iPhone 6S Plus Home screens 

  1. I look forward to your post on photography apps Gavin.
    Maybe you could expand that to include editors at a later date.
    I have quite a few which I use for varying control.
    i.e. ACDSee, Pixelmator, Laminar Pro, Snapspeed, Photoshop, Lightroom etc etc all have their strengths and I use regularly but most in iOS kill any original image size. If this is paramount then I only use Photogene4.
    With Photogene4 you can select many aspects of image size inc Output format (TIFF LZW), JPEG strength, DPI, Resolution and calculate image export size.

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