What does a Roast Turkey Dinner and Apple iOS Reachability have in common?

This is my plate of roast turkey with lots of trimmings from last night. 

The latest version of iOS features Reachability.  For those unfamiliar with Reachability, it is a feature on the latest version of iOS which allows you to lower the screen down by 50% simply by double tapping (not pushing) the home button. This makes one handed use a breeze for reaching the far corners etc.

So what does Roast Turkey dinner and iOS Reachability have in common? Is it –

a) A method of magically moving the roast turkey into your mouth


b) Something else.

Well its obviously something else. The connection is that I was enjoying a festive Christmas meal when another colleague was showing his new iPhone 6S. I showed him my iPhone 6S Plus and double tapped the home button to lower the screen so I could reach an app. My colleague turns round and says “Ah, so you have that annoying bug too where the screen keeps lowering. Apple really need to fix it.” I pointed out it was actually a feature. Confused my colleague asked “how is that a feature”. So I demonstrated what you could do without stretching your fingers etc..

The surprise on my colleagues face was fantastic.

It does make you wonder how many other features on smartphones that most people don’t have a clue exists and or how to use them!


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