Is Apple on track to sell 21 million Apple Watches – The Evidence

Cultofmac had an article discussing the real possibility that Apple could sell around 21 million Apple Watches in its first year of sale. 

If that is the case then that is truly incredible. So where did this info come from?

The projections come from Asymco analyst Horace Dediu, who presented his findings at the Glance conference in San Francisco. The conference is headlined by a number of speakers, Dediu included, with observations on the impact of the Apple Watch. 

According to Cultofmac, Dediu should be correct about Apple moving 20 million units in its first year (and he usually is), this would further cement Apple as the king of the fast-growing smartwatch segment. Only 6.8 million smartwatches were sold in 2014 by 89 companies, according to a report by Smartwatch Group, with Samsung leading the pack last year.

If these predictions run true this will be another sector Apple has entered into and taking control at the top of the ladder. It also helps that Apple is selling the watch in many third party retailers as well as their own stores. However, can it last? Whilst I own an Apple Watch, I am still not convinced it is needed. For years I stopped wearing a watch and used my phone for the time instead. For Apple to continue this level of growth will be a challenge as I cannot see people changing their Apple Watch that often. 


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