Official Apple iPhone 6S Battery Case – It’s a superb design masterpiece – with hidden tech – details!


Seriously what is going on at Apple. They’ve just released this super sexy battery case and for a reasonable price. 

It’s so smooth and beautifully made I’ve rushed out and bought all the stock as I don’t want anyone to witness this design masterpiece for themselves. Call me selfish for buying all the stock but I don’t care 🙂

Joking aside its not that bad. How else can you hide an extra battery ? Unlike other battery cases, it uses a lightning cable not micro usb. The battery level reveals itself in the iPhone notification centre. And to ensure you don’t lose signal strength it has cell boosting built in. So actually it’s not so bad after all!

Of course a slightly thicker iPhone would be the proper solution!

Or has Apple lost the plot this year?

2 thoughts on “Official Apple iPhone 6S Battery Case – It’s a superb design masterpiece – with hidden tech – details!

  1. I’m not sure I actually would need this……
    I used to get a good days use from my 6 Plus and not surprisingly my 6s Plus leaves me with over 30% remaining by the time I place it and my watch on their overnight chargers.
    Sadly I can not say the same for any of my Android phones both past and present.


  2. I think it is horribly ugly, which is surprising for an Apple product. Personally I would rather carry an external battery pack around for those rare occasions when I’m short of power. I keep one in my bag. For those days I go out bagless I keep a very compact pack with an integral micro usb/ lightning adapter in my pocket.

    As you say, the sensible option is to make these devices a bit thicker.


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