Apple iPad Pro – On Sale Tomorrow – Would you spend £1,117 on an iPad?

Online orders for Apple’s new iPad Pro will start in 48 countries tomorrow and will go on general sale at Apple’s retail stores on Friday. The Apple Pencil and Apple’s new Smart Keyboard will also be available to order on Wednesday.

The iPad Pro is huge with a 12.9 inch screen. It weighs 713g so is around the same weight as the original iPad. Add a case and it will be noticeable heavy. However, it is a powerful beast with Apple’s A9X chip and 4GB of ram.

Prices for the iPad Pro start at £679 for the 32GB with Wi-Fi model and £899 for the Wi-Fi + Cellular 128GB model in the UK. There is no 64gb model. Its 32gb wifi only or 128gb wifi + cellular. The Apple Pencil will cost £79 and the smart keyboard £139. (In the US, prices start at $799 for 32GB up to $1,079 for the 128GB Wi-Fi and Cellular version).

That means if you need more than 32gb storage, you have to jump to the 128gb model which costs £899. Then add the smart keyboard and pencil and now you are talking £899 + £79 + £139 = £1,117. Woah!

£1,117 for an iPad!

For £1,117 you could buy an Apple MacBook Air, Mac and even a MacBook Pro and use professional applications and more. You can even buy a number of Apple’s normal size iPads. In fact you can buy 3 x Apple iPad Mini 4 iPads!

This makes the reason to buy the iPad Pro a tricky one because what will you use it for that can’t be achieved by something a fraction of the price?

9 thoughts on “Apple iPad Pro – On Sale Tomorrow – Would you spend £1,117 on an iPad?

  1. Since the first iPad I have not owned one. Bu I assume an iPad Air with keyboard and a stylus would be a lot cheaper and more portable? Also even the older Samsung Note Pro would be half the price?


  2. Gavin,
    Are you sure you have the complete lineup?
    The list should read:-
    iPad Pro (32GB, Wi-Fi only): £679
    iPad Pro (128GB, Wi-Fi only): £799
    iPad Pro (128GB, cellular): £899


      1. That’s the one I am going for, with the iPencil as well.
        I won’t be getting the keyboard as I have heard it has extremely little tactile feedback. I’ll use a much cheaper Bluetooth model.


  3. Yes, not an Apple cover but I’m not sure if I will use it.
    Initially I will use a sleeve case but obtaining both a case and cover is little in cost compared to the tool of the hardware.


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