Apple iPhone 6S Plus – Panoramic and Sun Shots

Yesterday around 5.30pm and slightly onwards I took a few photos with my iPhone 6S Plus, one of which was shot directly into the sun.

First up in a panoramic shot which is one of the iPhone’s strengths. Hard to believe but nearly all day it was heavy rain and thick fog. And then around 4pm it all cleared to reveal below. Mind you it was cold with a north west bitter wind too. To reveal the full size version, click on photo and select original.

Beautiful but cold - Dartmoor at 6pm Today

And now for the sun shot.

Beautiful sunset on Dartmoor tonight

11 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 6S Plus – Panoramic and Sun Shots

  1. Nice pics ! How are you liking the 6 Plus in the day to day living? Notifications, texting, 3D Touch, Safari, speed, lag (if any),navigation and any other observations of day to day life with the 6 Plus.


    1. Best not answer that question today. Can’t sync photos to my Mac even with a cable. Wasted most of my Sunday trying to resolve. Phone about to be restored. Apple support involved too. Otherwise it’s good. At the moment I hate it.


      1. Yikes! I will ask again in a few days. Today’s answer seems like it may be a bit biased!! Good luck to you Gavin.


  2. The syncing thing is usually the iPhone strength . I have never had any issues with that part of iOS . iCloud yes lots of issues . Cable syncing has always been a breeze . Maybe issues with you Mac?


    1. it appears not to be the mac, but my iphone. Apple support did a process of elimination, cables, macs, etc.. and problem is iphone. It has been restored from recovery mode with fresh firmware, as a fresh device and no apps it worked. Now restoring my apps etc…. if problem still persists then its Apple’s iCloud and Photos app that are messing up stuff or maybe a rogue app. I wont know until much later after restore completed if my iphone is ok again. I wish I never had bothered trying icloud photos and itunes match. I reckon it could have corrupted my icloud somehow. Fingers crossed, it all works a bit later.


  3. iCloud photos and iTunes Match are both disasters. That being said the Google equivalents work great on the iPhone . I actually think google photos works better on iOS then android. Just my 2 cents. Hope your day’s gets better Gavin !!šŸ˜…


  4. I think with large life long batches of photos or music is when Apple messes up. If you start from scratch with them with small photo or music libraries it seems to be ok. When there are large amounts of music and video files it seems Apple can not handle this . I have a 6000 song library that I gave up trying to iTunes Match. But the rest of iOS is so good I find it worth it for the most part .


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