Apple updates nearly everything – Adds Features and Advices of Price Increases

Last night the internet ground to a crawl as Apple released software updates for nearly all its hardware in one go at the same time. Isn’t it amazing that Apple can pull off this feat.

This included Macs, iPhones, iPads and Apple Watch. Apple TV to follow too.

There were lots of new features/bug fixes –

– News app came to the UK – first thoughts is that it is super slow
– Find my Friends now appears on
– Apple Watch was all about bug fixes and longer battery life
– New emojis across everything
– Update for Live Photos, which now senses when the iPhone is raised or lowered to refrain from recording unnecessary movements eg shoes
– EL Capitan bug fixes

But there was also a few new pain points –

– iTunes Terms of Service changed due to increased cost with in app purchases.
– Game Center and nearly everything Apple does had a new legal agreement which you had to agree to. How many of you read it?
– This updates kills the new jailbreak although I cannot see any reason to jailbreak anymore

So did you notice anything new?


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