The Features of iOS 9 Battery and Low Power Saving Mode

If you have an iPhone or iPad, I hope you have updated to the new iOS 9 as Apple has delivered on a number of improvements to battery performance and added a low power saving mode.

In my time with the iPhone 6 Plus, the one aspect that stood out was stunning standby time. Now with iOS 9 you get the following improvements.

– Apple have indicated that just by updating to iOS 9, you should get up to an extra one hour’s worth of battery. That’s really impressive if true.

– One way the battery is saved in iOS 9 is stopping the screen from turning on when notifications arrive. This is achieved by using the light and proximity sensors to determine the device is face down.

Now there is a Low Power Saving mode in the settings app. This should have been available a long time ago, but better late than never. This mode offers the following benefits –

– Limiting network activity
– Background downloads are stopped
– App background refreshes are stopped
– Animations are reduced
– Email is no longer fetched automatically
– Screen brightness is reduced

To ensure all of these new options are easier to find the settings app is now more visible instead of being in a sub menu where the battery details previously resided. The battery stats are now able to show battery stats in far shorter time frames instead of the previous last 23 hours.

All of these changes are a positive improvement and I look forward to testing the battery improvements and low power saving mode when I get the iPhone 6S Plus.


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