The Press say “Apple Watch is a Doomed” or “A Flop”

If you head over to or the Apple Watch is heading for a disaster. Back in April 2015, 200,000 Apple Watches were being sold per day. Now that number in the US has possibly plummeted to as low as 2,000 watches.

What planet is everyone on?

I may wear a LG Watch Urbane currently, but I bet LG has not even sold 2,000 of these in the last 3 months. Apple have entered the smart watch space and taken it by storm, and now are the number one selling smart watch brand, and by some crazy huge margin.

I have looked at all the features of the Apple Watch and wish some of those were on my LG Watch Urbane. LG still haven’t sorted out their Health app and syncing the heart rate from the Urbane. Google updated Google Fit and broke the heart rate monitoring on the Urbane. Meanwhile, Apple sells thousands of watches every day. Seems Apple has the upper hand.

Some perspective. The Apple Watch is a non essential item, a luxury item, yet it sells really well. It will continue to sell over a longer period of time, as all jewellery does.

For now, Apple is in a good position. If the numbers completely dwindle, well then a new strategy will be needed.

2 thoughts on “The Press say “Apple Watch is a Doomed” or “A Flop”

  1. I used to purchase practically every flagship phone that was thrown at Android. Although I was always busy chasing phone after phone always on the read for information and updates I genuinely thought I was happy.
    However, when Apple released their larger smartphone the 6 Plus it brought the increased size right bang in to my territory.

    It is weird but since owning that 6 Plus back in October last year I have felt completely at ease. I no longer have that wish to chase for a phone after phone after phone etc. etc.
    Maybe that is part of Apples success. By not having multiple flagship phone choices and other manufacturers developing hardware running iOS users in turn focus on one singular product. Just that one flagship smartphone creates a strong focus which in turn produces desirability.


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