Episode 36 – Google I/O and Apple Woes – Gav & Dave’s Tech Podcast in live – Pls RT

As you know, I co-host a monthly podcast with David from UKMobileTech called Gav & Dave’s Tech Podcast. It is a light hearted tech podcast broadcast.

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Episode 36, “Google I/O ” is now live for your listening pleasure.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 36 – Google I/O and Apple Woes – Gav & Dave’s Tech Podcast in live – Pls RT

    1. It ended ages ago now. Dave and I found it harder and harder to be free at the same time due to real life. From the time we started the podcast, Dave got married too. Recording a podcast takes a lot of time in prep work, editing etc and like all good things they eventually come to an end. I am a guest once a month on Phones Show Chat podcast. Next on in 2 weeks time. Dave does One More Thing Audio podcast. A pure Apple podcast.


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