Introducing the Pebble Time – Pebbles new smartwatch


Pebble announced its new watch, and another kickstarter – see . Their kickstarter had a goal of $500,000 and currently its over $7.6m !!! That makes it a success before it goes on sale probably.

Highlights –

– A new watch called Pebble Time with a new timeline interface.
– Pebble Time features a new colour e-paper display and microphone for responding to notifications.
– No compromises on what you love about Pebble: up to 7 days of battery life, water resistance and customisability.
– Pebble Time is fully compatible with all 6,500+ existing Pebble apps and watchfaces.
– Three colours available exclusively on Kickstarter. Pebble Time starts shipping in May.
– Works with iOS 8 on iPhone 4s and above. Works with all Android 4.0+ phones including Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, Google, Motorola, Xiaomi and more.

Pebble Time comes in three colours:

– Black watch case and silicone band with black PVD stainless steel bezel
– White watch case and silicone band with silver PVD stainless steel bezel
– Red watch case and silicone band with black PVD stainless steel bezel


30,000 people have bought in to the kickstarter campaign already. Buying Pebble gets you access to apps and an existing developer base.

My only view is the watch is not attractive. A watch needs to look like a watch or a rugged type of watch or futuristic, and in my mind the Pebble Time is none of these. It is a geek smart watch. To get a female point of view, I asked my wife for her view on the Pebble Time. She totally agreed with my views on its styling and would never want to wear it.

Whilst the Pebble will have tons of options it still lacks focus in my mind. It is neither an advanced fitness device or a smart looking device, it is simply something for notifications on a wrist. It is a shame the hardware did not have a heart rate monitor included, as that would have made it an excellent fitness device. Maybe some of the special straps will include this? Or maybe some of the alternative straps will adds some life to the design. The only colour I would buy is the red finish. Maybe a metal version is in the pipeline. This may look much smarter.

In the meantime, its future is in good hands due to 35,000+ backers in the Kickstarter program. So what did you think?


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