Should we share our personal data with fitness and health companies ?

Last week, in response to my Samsung S Health,  Myfitnesspal and Endomondo post, Ziontrain posted the following constructive comment.

” Actually I am very happy to have my data locked on the phone and nowhere else. This entire “internet of things” is a scandal.

Its 2015 and people should know this buy now. All these “free” services, from Facebook to WhatsApp, Endomondo and all that – they are all about making a small handful of people rich by sucking up personal data and selling it (“monetising”) and you into an advertising target.

Personal data is exactly what was bought in that Endomondo purchase – and glad I resisted getting caught up in that.

So personally I am glad for the respite of having my data in an “island”. The history is not that important anyway – its important to measure what you are doing in that moment so you can walk longer, run out harder etc. But beyond the moment, it’s less important for the user themselves – years and years of tracking your every step and breath is only useful for making other people rich.”

I thought about the reply and thought Ziontrain made some valid points?

Have you ever thought if there is any consequences of sharing data so willingly. Maybe in 5 years time you might get refused an operation because you hadn’t walked for 20 mins a day 4 days a week.

4 thoughts on “Should we share our personal data with fitness and health companies ?

  1. “I’m happy to have all my data locked on my (Google) phone”. What’s wrong with this statement kids?

    Time to stock up on the tinfoil.


    1. Actually, to your comment: I have been considering dropping Android entirely. I have a Note 4 that i love and is much better hardware than the Iphone 5 I had, but am beginning to notice certain things about data leakage that are unacceptable.


  2. My comments were not so much concerned about the NHS tracking you or something.

    I was just pointing out that there is a huge leakage of value in profiling us from a consumer standpoint.

    I don’t need to know how many steps I took on April 24th last year and where exactly those steps were and how many of them were on a staircase and what my heart rate was at that moment…… but if someone does want to know then talk to me and let’s discuss what that’s worth and what you want to pay me to know it.

    What I didnt like about Endomondo was they seemed to be using this “social workout” thing as a front for collecting your heath data – which they turned around and sold off for a lot of money.


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