Apple’s competitors laughed when it used a 64 bit processor in the iPhone – look whose having the last laugh

I recall clearly some of the media backlash or negativity around Apple uses a 64 bit processor in its new iPhone. Move forward many months, and Android devices are starting to trickle through with a 64 bit processor.

However one of the key companies Snapdragon appears to be having major issues with its new Snapdragon 810 64 bit processor.

“Korea Times insists that the Snapdragon 810 issues are real, further detailing them.

“Problems such as overheating at certain voltages and performance degradation caused by memory controller problems have been reported, and its clock rate, an index representing a processor’s performance, was estimated to be lower than its predecessor, the Snapdragon 805,” the publication writes.

“An uncontrollable limitation of processing speed to prevent overheating has been pointed out. According to the mobile chipset benchmark Geekbench, the Snapdragon 810 had a serious ‘throttling’ problem that forcibly limits the graphic processing performance when it overheats.”

JP Morgan is also citing the same issues.

If the issues cannot be solved then it is likely that new smartphones could be delayed. Let us hope this is not the case!

Source – JP Morgan/Phone Arena


1 thought on “Apple’s competitors laughed when it used a 64 bit processor in the iPhone – look whose having the last laugh

  1. For me what was notable was that with the “64 bit” situation, Apple had sunk to something it never did before: quoting meaningless specs that had no bearing on the consumer experience.

    64 bit meant nothing to me when PCs when from 32 bit to 64 bit. I couldnt see any difference. The same was true on iphone. Its just meaningless.

    Now if Apple could have upgraded my iphone 5S with sufficient RAM so that the browser tabs are not constantly refreshing and losing info when I go offline e.g. on plane flights that would be lovely.

    They can give that whatever techie name they like, but doing that would change my user experience far more than “64 bit” anything.


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