Is 2015 the year of curved edged phones ?


What you are looking at is a curved edge phone from LG. In fact both sides are curved. Samsung at the end of 2014 released the Note Edge and if rumours are to be believed there will be a Samsung Galaxy S6 with 2 curved edges.

In terms of usability I found the curved edge of my Note Edge fantastic, it just had poor battery life. But if curved edges are to be the new must have feature can you really see yourself buying a phone for this feature ?  And would you pay a premium for this design element?

1 thought on “Is 2015 the year of curved edged phones ?

  1. Makes sense really. You can get a really competent phone for very little money these days.So they need to bring something new to the table and LG and Samsung are leading OLED display makers, so they are taking that to flexible and curved dispays.

    I would pay more for a 5″ and below with two curved edges – if they do the interface work to make it useful. Above 5″, you probably only need one curved edge, as it is then a two-handed device.

    But for me the potential is huge in making multitasking and task switching and nottification easier on small screens.

    This requires significant new attention to icons and the interaction between the edge screen and the main screen, as craning your neck sideways to read scrolling text gets old very quickly and isnt good ergonomis.

    That is really what will make this or break it.

    I think Samsung has the resources and design/software talent to acheive it. LG not so much. Let’s hope Samsung gets it done. I was a bit dissapointed that the implementation of the edge screen in the Note Edge was not more thoroughly thought out, but perhaps that was mostly the hardware proof of market and the are holding something back on the icons and interface for the launch of the Galaxy S6.

    Exciting days ahead. I didn’t buy the Note Edge in the end (too much money for a demo product) but holding that thing in the hand and using it really felt like touching the future…..


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