CES 2015 Las Vegas – Apple is not exhibiting yet has a huge presence – HomeKit, Cases and more – details

It just shows you how popular and powerful the Apple brand is, that is if you needed reminding of that fact.

CES 2015 Las Vegas has had more accessories for the Apple brand than any other being announced. Cases, power battery cases from Otterbox and Mophie, MFI accessories, and now the biggest leap into the Apple approved HomeKit accessories.

From your iPhone, with the respective HomeKit compatible hardware, you can now ask Siri to dim the lights, open the door, turn off or on devices and so much more. Siri in my opinion is less about searching and more about being a personal assistant. It is one of my favourite aspects of owning an iPhone. Some of the HomeKit devices announced so far include

– Schlage’s Sense smart lock (above) is the company’s first HomeKit-compatible keyless lock.

– Insteon’s Hub works alongside a compaion Insteon App to allow Apple device owners to control Insteon switches, outlets, thermostats, and light bulbs via HomeKit

– Incipio’s Direct line of “connected home” accessories includes a smart outlet, light bulb adapter, and power strip.

– Elgato Eve Energy, Eve Door and Window, and Eve Water. Eve Energy is a smart electrical plug unit that connects directly to a power outlet to measure energy consumption over time, while Eve Door and Window detects when a house door or window is ajar. Eve Water is an inline water sensor that measures temperature and consumption.

The above is only a taster of what is available. It is starting to look really impressive.

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