Samsung Gear S, Note 4 & iPhone 6 Plus – views from the wider world

On Friday I was at a social function. I was wearing my Gear S and had on me a Note 4, iPhone 6 Plus and BlackBerry Curve.

Nobody wanted to see the blackberry.  The Gear S reaction was really marmite.  It was either referred to as a prison tag or I want one.  There was no middle ground.  There wasn’t much interest in the iPhone 6 Plus mainly as everyone seemed to know what it was and that it was just another iPhone.  However,  people did comment that it was huge. Really huge.

Now to the Note 4. This caused the same reaction by everyone who agreed the screen was superb.  We were looking at photos and again I was informed I had an unfair advantage as everything looked better on my screen. People were dazzled by the specs on the Note 4.

Now I did demonstrate trying to give some balance that the iPhone was really easy to use but again there wasn’t much interest.

When I explained how the Gear S was also a phone,  there was disbelief in an amazed way from my table of people.

So there you have it. 

IPhone 6 Plus – just another iPhone.

Samsung Note 4 – that fabulous screen

Samsung Gear S – Prison escapee or  droolworthy ☺


10 thoughts on “Samsung Gear S, Note 4 & iPhone 6 Plus – views from the wider world

  1. I am still unsure about the sound reproduction of the Snapdragon Note 4. Over at XDA Developers, the generally accepted view is that the Wolfson DAC in the Octa core version of the Note 4 is better. What do your contacts at Samsung say about the DAC in the Snapdragon version? May have to sell my Snapdragon version ;-(


  2. I got pretty incredulous reactions to my Sony SmartBand Talk – that it can make and receive calls, (albeit paired with a phone) but mainly how sleek it is.


      1. I’m trying them now – on an iPod Shuffle because it sounds pretty clean. I’m just using the reference filters for now, allow myself maybe 24 hours listening to them before trying out the treble ones.

        They sound great – a bit like the Sony XBA-H3 but with better bass. Well worth £150 – even if the sound quality wasn’t so good, just for the build and 3 year guarantee.


  3. Gavin, a bit of research shows the Snapdragon Note 4 has a snapdragon DAC. I’ll test my Note 4 against my LG G3 if the LG is better I may have to swap with a Exynos version.


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