Samsung Note 4 – useful hidden stuff


First up is the option in accessibility to be notified of a doorbell or crying baby. Works well when listening to music. You can select to have either a baby crying or doorbell notified or both. Note S Voice and OK Google voice activation has to be off for this feature to work.

Next one I came across while scrolling in tweetings app with the S-Pen. If you hover over a url it brings up a paragraph on the website.

Voice Recorder with Meeting Mode on Meeting allows audio from eight different directions to be recognised separately. Selected voices can be activated or deactivated while playing recorded audio, if necessary. Neat trick.

If you’re on the phone to your mum or anyone the Note 4 can display info about that contact. Ideal if you’re about to forget their birthday.

Selfies. Using the front camera. Apart from panoramic selfies you can use the heart rate monitor to act as the camera shutter button. This is really logical.

And one more. In settings, language and input you will find the following options –


Changing the launcher to Apex in my case or Nova, installing Google Calendar and the icon becomes dynamic and shows the date.


I’m sure I will find more as I continue using the Note 4 and read the 200 page user manual.

So are there any you would add to this list?

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