Apple iPhone 6 Plus – Camera shots of the week

Below are a few camera shots from the iPhone 6 Plus. I have only used the default photos app to make any adjustments if at all.

Union Street, Torbay #iPhone6Plus #architecture

Torquay along the English Riviera #iPhone6Plus

Tree of Life #iPhone6Plus

"Hey Buddy, don't I look good " #soaking #wet #Dartmoor #Pony #iPhone6Plus

15 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 6 Plus – Camera shots of the week

  1. Very nice Gavin.
    After far too much time faffing around with the G3 32GB and falling out of desire for a Note 4 I have now made up my mind to get a 6 Plus.
    Although actually obtaining one is the issue….. It’s still a 3 to 4 week waiting list for online orders and as I told their online sales staff not everyone has the time to go and pick one up from a store, especially when they can not give a date or time for you to plan in advance.

    Anyway, back to your photos ~ Very nice from the default camera app.
    I like the fact there are tons of camera support apps for the iPhone.
    One in particular which I have been reading into is NightCap Pro. It’s download is Universal so I have bought (£1.49), downloaded and installed onto the iPad to try it out prior to when I manage to get a 6 Plus myself. There are a couple of issues on the iPad with Focus and quality but from the comments I have read on it’s a winner on the iPhone.


      1. I’ve checked this link daily for my local 14 miles away store and they are always out of stock of the 128GB 6 Plus. When I spoke with sales it was they who told me to use this method but when I asked how soon could my store obtain stock it was a case of they couldn’t answer this.


    1. It is at the moment. If you check at one minute after midnight the new stock for the day is shown. Then at random points during the day it updates. Best time is just after midnight. You will get what you want for same day collection.


  2. Hey Gavin love your blog…I feel like you are my brother the way you use and try out phones. I have 6 plus now after a G3…I am liking the camera a bit more on th 6 plus…kind of surprised me


  3. Interested to know why those of you prefer the Plus camera more than the G3. My contract is up soon and I was looking at them both. The price differential is massive: about £300.


    1. I’ve just had a look at the albums on my Flickr. I can see the iPhone takes better low light and macro shots. And the colour reproduction is better. But the G3 does 4K video and has a better screen. The iPhone can manage a 999 shots in burst mode. But the difference is small in reality. In terms of third party camera apps there are more available to control the iPhone. The apps I tried with the G3 at the time, didn’t control the laser auto focus system.


  4. My wife has a Z2 and I have LG G3 and for us non professionals the cameras are great especially the Z2. But with the latest firmware version L on the LG has a much sharper screen and overall much snappier and I find myself using the G3 in preference to my MBA for web browsing etc. I will getting a Note 4 because I make hand written notes and I like the multitasking features. Just trying to explain that smartphones are now very flexible and powerful.


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