BlackBerry Passport – Compass, Weather and Maps

The BlackBerry Passport includes a wealth of software as standard. Today I am going to look at the compass , weather and maps apps.

First up is the Compass app. It is a simple app that displays a 3D compass that moves dependant on how you hold the Passport. It is rather cool to look at actually.


Next up is the BlackBerry Maps application. This provides a basic but reasonable solution if you need to find a place or type of place, or need turn by turn directions.


There is no street and terrain views like that found in Google Maps, but you can share your location with ease. Not shown in the screen shots, but the turn by turn directions are really clear and accurate in my testing so far. I gather the mapping data is provided by TomTom which explains why the turn by turn directions are quite good. Also live traffic information was overlaid. Overall, I was quite pleased with the mapping solution. I have used more advanced solutions but I would be happy using Blackberry’s own solution.


Finally, every phone needs a weather app and the BlackBerry Passport is no exception. Data is provided by Accuweather and you are shown the weather is a perfect 4.5 inch square 🙂


After updating the inbuilt apps using BlackBerry World, my Passport did receive a new app which provides analysis of the phone. Like a diagnostic app. This and all the over aspects of the software will be covered next week along with my views.

In the few days I have owned this phone it does get more impressive as time moves on. However, it does have its weaknesses but I feel at the moment the positives outweigh any negatives. More on that next week.

For now, have a good weekend.

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