BlackBerry Passport – First Impressions

My BlackBerry Passport has arrived. Lets cut to the chase but before I do have a look at the hardware photos below –




So as you can see the hardware is gorgeous. Every person who has been shown the BlackBerry Passport has been intrigued and been very praise worthy of quality and look of the hardware. This ranged from tech geeks all the way through to my wife. Clearly, there is still a lot of love for the BlackBerry brand. Also if you look at the first photo, sunlight visibility is not an issue whatsoever. In fact the Passport is a whole 100+ nits brighter than an iPhone 6. From my point of view the hardware looks like a £600 smartphone. It looks and feels substantial, yet fits in all my pockets including front shirt pockets with ease.

The Passport is fitted out with some excellent hardware specifications from a Snapdragon 801 processor, 13mp camera with optical image stabilisation, 32gb storage plus 128gb micro SD card slot and so much more. If you need to know about the top flight specifications head over to BlackBerry here

To give you some idea of my first two shots from the camera, see below –

Stunning Dartmoor Landscape #BlackBerry #Passport

And another of a random street .

Random Street #BlackBerry #Passport

I have not had much time with the BlackBerry Passport but I wanted to give you a quick heads up. The BlackBerry OS is brand new to myself so I am also learning as I go along. The 4.5 inch screen is ideal for viewing emails and web sites and other office or business documents. The Passport also does a whole lot more too of which I have to explore.

I will leave you with this one thought. Whatever your preconceptions of this phone until you have held it and used it, that is the only time you will be able to pass judgment or comment.

My next step will be to explore the software in more detail over the weekend, so expect part 2 next week. Once again, keep the questions flowing.

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