Apple iPhone 6 Plus – more impressions part 4

So another day has passed and to be honest it has all been rather hassle free.

I have created an album now on my Flickr account for my favourite iPhone 6 Plus photos. Click here to view

I have been using Apple Maps again and it has on the whole been stellar. The spoken turn by turn directions are so clear that you really don’t need to see the screen. However, it suddenly stopped speaking the directions, instead opting to make a weird doorbell like sound. Sounds like a bug.

Below are two photos I’ve had taken with many phones. I just can’t get over the clarity, true to life colours and detail achieved by the iPhone 6 Plus.



Daylight was disappearing at the time so rather good to be honest. I also took some random burst mode shots of cars travelling at speed. The results were excellent but boring to show. When I get some more exciting photos using burst mode I will upload these.

Overall the 6 Plus is my favourite smartphone of all time. I am very happy with the larger display and size and in no way would I want a smaller 4.7 inch iPhone 6. The extra benefits in battery and camera and screen are well worth it !


5 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 6 Plus – more impressions part 4

  1. With the advent of darkness approaching earlier as winter looms could I ask if you make a stab at shooting ‘car trails’ Gavin?
    Under Androids present time/speed limitation it’s nigh on impossible to achieve the artistic car lights running wildly over a dark night canvas.
    It’ll be interesting to see what the effects are with the likes of camera+ and the iPhone 6 Plus.


  2. Great shots again, I do recommend if the opportunity comes to grab a few low light shots at a restaurant/bar and/or at home if you have the opportunity.

    Also, how are your photos taken? Do you have any post-processing done to them or are they just taken from the hand and uploaded without any tampering of the photos? They are epic!


    1. I rarely post process the shots. If I do it’s normally pretty obvious. A couple on my flickr album have had a filter using the apple photos app. But that’s it. Most are natural as you see them. Taken in the hand and mostly really quickly too.


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