FIGHT – AKG K845 vs Philips M1BT vs Sennheiser Momentums Over The Ear Headphones

The AKG K845, Philips M1BT and Sennheiser Momentums are all £250 headphones. The Sennheiser are the only ones that do not have bluetooth. You have to connect using a wire. So below are my views on each 3 and hopefully a winner will be chosen at the end.

AKG K845 – reviewed a few days ago. Link From my review in terms of sound quality these are by far the winner. They are superior to both the Sennheiser Momentums and Philips M1BT. In terms of practicality and features, this is where the K845’s lose points and ends up in second place.

Philips M1BT – reviewed yesterday. Link In terms of sound quality they offer a fun, warm, punchy, forward and slightly coloured sound, but end up in 3rd place. In terms of practicality and features, the M1BT is the winner.

Sennheiser Momentums – warm, punchy sound, not as good as the AKG K845 but slightly ahead of the Philips M1BT. So second place on sound quality. But the difference between the M1BT is very marginal and nearly a draw, but I decided to give 2nd place to the Sennheisers. In terms of practicality and features, the Momentums do have a hard carry case but ultimately do not have all the freedom bluetooth provides so come in third place.

So if we score the headphones with first place offering 3 points in each category, 2nd 2 points and 1 point for coming last, below is the final scoring.

AKG K845 – 4 points
Philips M1BT – 4 points
Sennheiser Momemtums – 3 points

So there we have it, a tie between the AKG K845 vs Philips M1BT. It is worth noting that all 3 headphones are 5 star award winners and whilst the official retail pricing is £250 for each, the pricing does vary from time to time, with discounts of £80 or more available.

So have you used or owned any of the above headphones? If so what are your views?


6 thoughts on “FIGHT – AKG K845 vs Philips M1BT vs Sennheiser Momentums Over The Ear Headphones

  1. I’m not convinced by Bluetooth headphones at all, particularly when are just as large as their wired counterparts (although you can use them as such).

    I had both AKG-K550 and the Momentums. I would probably give the edge to the K550s because they were more neutral – typically Sennheisers have that slightly warm, bass heavy sound, although my in-ear IE60s are particularly good for their price point. I’ve never tried any Philips models.

    The only headphones I have now are the on-ear Momentums – I downsized when I found that I was hardly using my full-sized cans (too large and uncomfy). The on-ears have slightly worse SQ – warm, fuzzy – than their full size counterparts, but I do like the size and build quality.


    1. Headphones are a very personal thing. Sound can be subjective. I’ve returned or sold many phones as they clamped my sensitive head to firmly. Yet for others they were comfy. If you liked the K550 I think you would really like the K845s. But I agree. Sometimes practicality of size etc overrides. I’ve had some exceptional in ear canals but find them discomforting after a while.


  2. I agree – it’s very subjective with what works and doesn’t for the individual. I think I’m missing out on some great phones because of my preference for iems.

    My friend hogs my Momentum-On-Ears – they are pretty stylish and come with a normal plus an i-control cable. Her next Birthday present, I think.


  3. Well I paid full-price – £169 – from John Lewis last Autumn, but I did get a 5-year guarantee. They’re great value for £99. My problem with the On-Ears (and the Momentum I had prior) is that they really need EQ’ing to tame the bass – none of my iems need EQ’ing to sound just right to me.

    And because I use Google Play Music All Access on both my iPhone and Moto G, there is no decent EQ option. Hopefully Google may introduce a decent parametric EQ at some time. Plenty of options if I actually was to store audio files on the devices – BBE audio for iPhone, PowerAmp for android etc. Using them with my iPod Nano there are a few sound presets but most are poor. It’s a shame because I’d like to use the On-Ears more.

    But using my ie60s, Sony XBA-H1, Westone 4 iems – these all sound great played flat ie. they’re all pretty balanced. If I was to state which device sounded best, then it would be my iPhone and Nano and Shuffle, they all measure well. The Moto G is a little poorer, but it’s only a slight difference.


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