This is why you buy Apple – it’s backup and restore

Long story, well here’s the short story.


My iPad battery is only providing half of the run time as it should. Apple support suggested restoring as new using iTunes on a computer, but backing up first. I haven’t used my computer for a while to backup and restore , since this process can be done via Apple’s iCloud.

So, I let my computer backup the iPad, and started the restore as new. The firmware downloads and is installed on the iPad. Next all my apps, games, films, photos, books, music and more were reinstalled. Now here’s the clever part.

It was restored to the exact position prior to the restore. Even the safari tabs were showing, no passwords needed re-entering. It was a perfect restore. Any there is currently no other operating system that does this. Not even remotely close.

4 thoughts on “This is why you buy Apple – it’s backup and restore

  1. I’m with you this Gavin. It’s one of the things that Apple has got spot on. I’ve just upgraded my HTC One after backing everything up using HTC’s own backup tool. I then had to spend about 3 hours reinstalling the bits it messed up or missed completely. This has happened every update so far. Not impressed. Apple backup has always been flawless


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