Gaming as it should be – an era without in app purchases – FSC N560 GPS/Windows

2014-06-21 09.20.43

The Fujitsu Siemens Pocket Loox N560 GPS was a PDA ahead of its years in 2006-7. It is the only old device I have ever kept, and it still works as well as it did from the day I bought it.

The only change is I have an extended battery fitted, as the standard battery only had a run time of 3 hours.

So lets recap some of the critical specs. It runs Windows Mobile 5. Its screen is 3.5 inches at 640 x 480. Weighs 160g. Has GPS. USB Host. And has a micro sd card slot. But wait, the internal memory is a whopping 128mb, not gb, but mb. How did we survive back in 2006 with such low memory! It also has an infra red blaster, great for controlling TV’s and more.

So I counted and have circa 80 apps installed, most of which are games. Now whilst the graphics have shot forward in 8 years, there is one aspect I like about playing games on this device – I am not bombarded with coins, or extras to constantly buy, or upgrades needed to continue forward in the game. In fact, some of the games that are now available on iOS or android are actually miles better on this 8 year old PDA. An example is Plant Tycoon. Also games seem to have more depth than some of the modern equivalents. (I am omitting the fact that newer games of today will have much better graphics)

Plant Tycoon mentioned above is an example of an old classic ruined when it came to iOS as a freemium app. The developers are really greedy as well. Basically you have to pay to play. Each time you start a new game you lose everything bought and you have to pay to play again. In 2006, I bought Plant Tycoon. I’ve played it constantly on and off and never had to reach for my wallet. And 8 years later, I am still playing it.

Sometimes, technology advances are fantastic. Other times they are prohibited and obstructive.

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