Cellz Ultra Thin Slide-Out Bluetooth Backlight Keyboard

Cellz Ultra Thin Slide-Out Bluetooth Backlight Keyboard is an ideal case, keyboard combo if you struggle with the size of the onscreen iPhone keyboard. It’s is currently £16.72 with free shipping to the UK.

In the box is the micro USB charging cable and a quick setup booklet. It is really simple to connect to your iPhone. Simply, slip iPhone into the case holder section, go to your iPhone Bluetooth settings and pair the keyboard, and voila. The guide does recommend a first charge of 6 hours and thereafter a minimum of 2 hours between charges.

So of the additional features of the keyboard include buttons for music player controls, brightness adjustment, backlight switch for the Bluetooth keyboard itself, bring up the iPhone virtual keyboard, home and lock screen.

The technical specs are –

Frequency – 2.4ghz
Voltage – 3.7Vdc (Li-ion)
Standby Current – 1 mA
Sleep current – less than 0.25 mA
Operation current – less than 2.5 mA
Colours – white and black




So what is the keyboard like to type on. It’s ok apart from the space bar being too small and not centred enough for me. All the special keys work as advertised, so I can adjust the brightness up or down, lock the phone and more.

I would give with an 7.8/10.


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