Amazon tries a new method of destroying brick and mortar shops

Amazon has not be secret about trying to put physical stores out of business but now it looks like the company is planning to launch a charm offensive against its rivals. The Wall Street Journal announced that Amazon “plans to offer brick-and-mortar retailers a checkout system that uses Kindle tablets as soon as this summer” that might involve giving the stores “Kindle tablets and credit-card readers” to use free of charge.

While this sounds rather sweet of Amazon, the Wall Street Journal also points out that this is yet another way for Amazon to gather up more data on shoppers and to learn the habits of customers who still buy at least some of their goods in these stores. The Journal says Amazon will probably pitch this system to smaller retailers since big-box retailers such as Best Buy and Wal-Mart “have extensive, complicated checkout systems that may be difficult or costly to give up.”

Will high streets exist in 10 years time?


1 thought on “Amazon tries a new method of destroying brick and mortar shops

  1. Returning readers may have read I have made it perfectly clear on many occasions my views on Amazon.
    As much as I hold strong negativity values to their practices you also have to remember they are a business model and the unfortunate truth in many of today’s businesses foundation is based on profit.
    Sellers such as shop corners or close community businesses have much closer direct communication with their buying public, the result being they build a ‘trust liason’ between both parties.
    The likes of Amazon will never have this so instead have to use whatever other means it can to attract business.
    Trouble is it is how you achieve this what primarily counts…….. Something that unfortunately many buyers do not look at but instead see only the saving they can make.


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