Nokia Lumia 1520 – review part 2

Everytime I pick up the 1520 it brings a smile to my face. It just feels substantial and looks stunning in black. Its physical size helps provide that feeling too.

2014-01-06 16.41.48

The way I see things at the moment, if you want the class leaders in each operating systems, it would have to be the 1520 for Windows Phone. But unlike android or Apple iOS, the 1520 packs a decent 20mp camera with 2 x the equivalent of optical zoom with Optical Image Stabilisation.

I cannot stress enough about the camera. The quality of the shots snapped even in low or lower light are simply stunning. The iPhone 5S or any android phone does not get close to the camera of the Lumia 1520. Add Qi Wireless Charging and a memory card slot for storing loads of photos, and this beast of a phone becomes a very attractive proposition.

2014-01-06 16.42.48

In the box you get the user startup guides, usb lead and UK adapter and a headset. There is also the sim ejector tool.

The software included within the 1520 is extensive. Some of the highlights are Bing Finance, News, Sport and Weather, HERE Drive+, HERE Maps, Internet Explorer, Nokia Music, Pro Cam, Cinemagraph, Creative Studio, Microsoft Office, One Note, Zinio, Games and Xbox Games. So being the typical Windows Phone from Nokia is has a suite of mapping and turnby turn navigation, an advanced camera shooting app, advanced photo editing apps, gaming, music, optional Nokia Radio for streaming and plenty of news and information apps all included as standard. Then Nokia integrates your email and social accounts into their People app. And all this is then backup using Microsoft Skydrive.

I simply love the extra screen real estate for the live tiles as well. For me, this Nokia Lumia phone is better than the Lumia 925 and 1020 as it offers a better all around package.

Once the UK weather improves I will upload some photos. In the meantime, head over to Clove Technology for this phone and others.

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