Twitter 25 device limit – no more notifications thereafter – updated

Yesterday I wrote the following –

“If you have 25 devices/apps or more with granted permission to interact with twitter, once you go to add a new interaction notifications will not be allowed.

See here

At the moment I cannot activate push notifications on twitter for android on my Note 3.

I just wonder if this is a method whereby twitter charge dependant on needs. Or maybe they will allow free up to a certain amount of connections?”

After an exchange on twitter, my friend @misterleoni suggested Robird for android. This is a lovely app with inline photo previews and notifications that actually get delivered without streaming turned on.

In addition @jhoneyball chirped in saying he had the same issue, and it was only by raising a support ticket with twitter that actually solved this problem.

Twitter need to reset the cache on their servers to fully fix this problem. Also note 25 devices is really 25 apps or services using twitter. This is easily reached. Every time you use an app or service to share something to twitter this adds to the count. So if like me you review phones on all platforms, use twitter on a computer or mobile web that is 5 strikes one for each option. Then allow for other twitter apps you may use or have tried. Suddenly you are at 25 strikes. Then add all the sharing sites and apps and login verifications sites that use twitter. Suddenly, you are over 50 plus like me 🙂

2 thoughts on “Twitter 25 device limit – no more notifications thereafter – updated

  1. Agree….. With the amount of new apps on the market that are now tuned for twitter loading/accepting a cap of 25 is ludicrous.
    Sort it otherwise just like Facebook it’s users will migrate in the droves.


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