Logitech Ultimate Ears 6000 – review impressions part 2

Following on from my first impressions yesterday, I’ve have had a bit more time listening to these. The official specifications are –


HEADPHONE TYPE:Around-the-ear
IMPEDANCE:50 Ohms DCR Powered Off, 1K Ohms Powered On
SENSITIVITY:97 dB SPL/mW Powered Off, 99 dB SPL/mW Powered On, 1KHz
CONNECTION:3.5 mm (1/8 inch)
BATTERY TYPE:2 AAA batteries
BATTERY LIFE:Over 40 hours of listening on average

The specifications don’t grab you and say these headphones will rock. They need a fair amount of juice to be powered hence why they sound more dynamic and with increased bass with the noise cancellation switched on. I also found to achieve the bass slam and depth you really needed the iPhone volume in the higher end of the scales at around 66% of volume and above. There is still the slightly annoying hiss with noise cancellation.

I have done several tests with the noise cancellation. Let’s just say it removes the sound partially but not completely. The Bose QC15 are much better for this but then cost 3 times as much. However, the UE 6000 noise cancellation is better than not being there at all.

Despite feeling heavyish to hold, the headphones are comfortable even with extended listening periods. Their sound signature is rather uninspiring with the noise cancellation off, although for some tracks the sound balance is more accurate. With the noise cancellation on, the bass is far more prominent and the tracks comes alive. I feel at times the treble and vocals become too muffled. The presentation is fun with a bass line. The added bass can be a very good thing even on classical music but sometimes it can overpower the track. I’ve tried the full spectrum of music genres and these headphones can surprise you irrespective of genre.

My verdict is a fun sound, sometimes really good, sometimes the bass overpowers the track and sometimes the bass adds more enjoyment to the experience. The noise cancellation is ok, but does add a hiss which I did find annoying but not all the time.

But let’s put the above in context. These were originally £200. And at that price there were better options. Except now, they are not £200 and can be had for around £88 on Amazon. At £88 these are a good offering, not perfect for me, but for many will be excellent.

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