Logitech UE 6000 headphones – first impressions

The Logitech Ultimate Ears 6000 are a noise cancelling pair of over the ears headphones made for iPhone, iPod or iPad.


The first impressions you get of these headphones are the packaging. Some serious marks for such a well presented and stylish box. It opens to reveal a pouch for the manual, a soft zipped case which had the headphones inside, the wired cable, and a cool looking headphone splitter, allowing for an extra pair of headphones to connect to your iPod or iPhone or iPad. The wired cable also has the controls for your iOS devices.

You connect the wired cable, remove the battery plastic strip and voila. Slide the power button on and you have the UE 6000 ready to rock.

So the good part of these cans in that the noise cancellation works even when the 2 AAA batteries run out. And the fact that it uses batteries you need to make sure you have a spare pair if on a long journey.

Switching the power switch on does cut out a lot of background noise although not everything. The noisy dishwasher was considerably quieter. With the noise cancellation on, the cans had more punch and dynamics. The bass is excellent. But I have noticed a slight hiss when the noise cancellation is switched on. This might be a nuisance with quiet classical music. The UE 6000 are very comfortable on first impressions.

More impressions to follow shortly.


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