Day 3 with the Nokia Lumia 1020

I took some more photos with the Nokia Lumia 1020. See my flickr account for some of the shots. Sadly whilst the sun was present, so was the brutal weather. The sunrise shots were taken just as the heavens opened up at full blast. The other shots taken during the day were against gale force winds.

Actually the wind was strong enough making it tricky to stand upright. But none of the 1020 shots were blurred. That was partly due to the optical image stabilisation. I also noticed with some of the shots with bright sun, the xenon flash fired to help spread the light more evenly.

I still stand by my first findings that in good light, the benefits of the 1020 camera will be not visible. It you need to zoom in, then the 1020 is ideal. In lower light the 1020 starts shining. And when you start getting creative with the camera settings I started to take some photos impossible with other smartphones. I also think the 1020 post processing is slightly too aggressive on some photos.

Moving on to the rest of the phone, it works as expected. It is good to see more camera centric apps appearing, as well as more mainstream apps. Whilst the 1020 feels less polished compared to an iPhone, I am finding it far greater fun to use.

I took a number of photos and did notice the battery level dropping, so if I was out for a while, I would get the camera grip which has extra battery power built in.

The polycarbonate build of the 1020 is excellent. It feels great in the hand, just bright yellow is not my colour. Black would be my colour of choice.

One thing I don’t get is why I can’t transfer the 41mp photos over the air. I will have to connect the 1020 to my computer at the weekend to extract these via USB. I had heard about slow camera start up times and slow shot to shot times. My experience is that it’s reasonable in its start up, and perfectly ok between shots. It didn’t slow me down. However, if it was an action shot of the moment, the 1020 would miss the moment.

Update – late last night I finally extracted the Pureview Hi-res versions off the 1020 on to my mac. Not as easy as I thought as you have to download special software from Nokia, and at first I downloaded the wrong app. I am exporting 7 hires shots to my flickr account at the moment (6.20am) so by 7am the full 34mp photos will be uploaded. The extra definition is excellent.

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