Further Thoughts on the Sony QX10 and QX100 Hub Lens Cameras

I have had the QX10 and QX100 now for several weeks and my views on them have slightly changed. They are both excellent however I now carry the QX10 with me more than the QX100.

I carry the QX10 permanently with me as it is considerably lighter and smaller to pocket. It also has 10x optical zoom so for most situations it is a better option to carry.

If I know I will be travelling to somewhere specifically where I intend to take photos or where there might be an opportunity for good shots then I will take the QX100. The QX100 takes incredible quality photos.

But if I had to choose just one, it would be the QX10. If I wanted QX100 quality I would use a DSLR camera instead.

However, my wife and I have been out several times with our iPhone 5S’s using the QX10 and QX100 and had a great time using them. More fun actually than most cameras.

6 thoughts on “Further Thoughts on the Sony QX10 and QX100 Hub Lens Cameras

  1. I have now LG g2 + QX10 for some weeks.
    It’s a good combo. LG is perfect.
    Sony could be perfect, but
    There should be a way to control iso!
    And better if also shutter speed and aperture.

    There should be some demontrations to Sony
    that products this incomplete are not permitted…


      1. Did you notice?
        When there is not much light “Superior Auto”
        does better work than P mode.
        It’s a bit like HDR and it will use lower iso.
        The result is better dynamics and less noise.
        In normal light i feel this “Superior auto” makes colors more unnatural
        Thats why i use P when possible.

        there is not
        or i haven’t find any documentation of that
        in Sonys booklets or site.

        It’s really a pity
        Sony loose it’s fine innovation
        in poor app programming
        and poor documentation.


  2. Sorry,i said wrong.
    In superior auto it takes higher iso.
    For exemple 1600 in superior mode
    When in same situation iso 800 in P mode.

    The result is better with superior
    As it makes some sort of HDR.
    In good light i prefer P mode.

    Did you find better documentation than Sonys
    Which way to use this little camlens?


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