Feedly to charge for its Pro offering

Google Reader got culled by Google in July. It was the best solution for RSS news feeds. Fortunately, Feedly arrived, and provided the backend cloud solution, which many other apps now use. At the time, I did wonder how Feedly could provide this service for free. Well now I know how.

Feedly is to launch its Pro offering, which for $5 per month (or $45 annually), will offer article search, secure browsing through HTTPS, the ability to one-click save to Evernote, and support priority.

However, I just can’t decide if $5 per month or $45 annually is too high a price to pay. Also, with a number of news websites hiding behind paywalls, the cost of using the internet is slowly but surely rising.

And in the longer term, will other apps that use the Feedly cloud solution have to move to a monthly subscription?

What’s your view on this? Is $5 a month too much, too little or not acceptable?

1 thought on “Feedly to charge for its Pro offering

  1. A lot of sites are now restricting access to their sites via RSS, providing only a snippet and you have to click through to the main site to read the whole article. I’m reluctant to pay for a service that only gives you the snippet of news, if it was the full article then possibly yes but I feel that RSS is a service that is going to be phased out by the main websites anyway, the big sites seem to be less and less keen to provide readers with access via 3rd parties.


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