HTC One – Review Part 2

Following yesterday’s first impressions of the HTC One, I have spent more time with it, reading the manual, and tweaking the home screens. The next part is also live click here for part 3 Blinkfeed is not my default home screen. It is the HTC clock/weather widget. Blinkfeed is to the left, and other widgets on the right. See below. I just can’t decide between whether to keep Blinkfeed as my default home screen. I’m not turning it off as I really like it. It brings up so much useful info and its possible to reply straight from it too. Screen shots below of my 3 screens. You can add more home screens if you want but 3 is ample for me.




I have also included a screen shot of the application folder. If you slide down it reveals the settings, play store icon, search and custom. Custom allows you to set up folder as you like. Other options include alphabetical and most recent.

I learnt today that you can have different types of lock screens, productivity, wallpaper, photo album, music, and no lock screen. I currently use productivity which will display all my notifications at a quick glance. I quite like the idea of no lock screen. Obvious solution for quick access if you want it. Other things I have done is turn trace on in the keyboard settings so I can slide across keyboard to enter text. I was trying to work out how to change the lock screen shortcuts and now have realised they are the same shortcuts as your home screen launch tray.

I have been using the phone for 8 hours with headphones in for a few hours and battery is down to 60%. I was also out earlier so took a photo or two. Need more practise with all the camera settings, filters, Zoe but it all seems pretty good. They only downside of the camera is distance landscape. The 4mp lens cannot give enough detail so zooming in is not as clear. However, what the camera does is a great shot first time nearly every time. Landscape shot below.


The photo is not full resolution above. But talking of resolution you can take loads of photos and not run out of space. Also uploading to Dropbox over 3G is not an issue as file sizes are anything from 700kb to 2mb.

Here’s a photo taken in pitch darkness. This is the power of the HTC One. See bottom shot.
I mentioned above I have been listening to my music. The quality of the One is very good. I’m really enjoying it. Also, as you play a track, Gracenote is accessed and if available the song lyrics are shown and highlighted as song, with some fancy colourful effects moving to the music beats.

So far so good..


Camera effects post is here

Part 3 is now live. Click here,


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