Nokia Lumia 620 – Review Part 1

So hopefully by now you will have read my earlier post, whereby I picked up this phone for a £130. This is my first Windows Phone, so I did not know what to expect.

I choose black as my colour, since white did not look as cool. In the box was the phone, a quick start guide, usb cable and mains adapter. And some headphones which generally I never use as they are normally crap.

So setting up, there is a micro sim card tray that pulls out and you have to carefully insert the sim and slide it back. It is a little fiddly so take it slowly. The micro sd card insertion is also a little fiddly but again once in place it is fine. Lastly the battery and back cover are put back.

The back cover is actually replaceable with a selection of different colours. This makes the 620 a bit more fun. Also, if the back of the phone gets scratched, it does not matter, since you just change it for another. Then if you damage the headphone jack through heavy use, it again does not matter, since a new back includes the headphone socket. Rather neat, and adds to the possible longevity. Also worth noting is the fact that Nokia has introduced a grey water resistant back cover, just in case you like taking photos in the rain.

Turning on for the first time was a relatively simple affair. I entered my hotmail account, went through a number of options and then waited and waited and waited. It seemed to take for ever, so I made a cup of tea. Finally, all the Nokia apps and first installation stuff was all complete, so now it was time for some fun.

Tomorrow, I will cover some of the extensive phone options, how the built in apps link to each other and the basic flow of the handset. It really is a clever phone.



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