Life with a Nokia Lumia 620

I was out shopping on Saturday and saw a really good offer on the Lumia 620.

I’ve always wanted to give windows mobile a go and I must admit I am somewhat impressed.

Positives so far. This phone cost £130. And its crazy value. Lovely screen, very powerful quality sound from the headphone jack, free Nokia music streaming, and I love its quirkyness.

The negatives. Apps. Its missing some but some apps actually look better. The games suffer the most more than the apps. I actually prefer some of the apps on the Nokia over android and iOS.

The positives. Includes MS Office, Xbox Gaming Centre, 5 mp camera, optional micro USB card, Nokia Maps and Navigation, Skype Video Calls, Live tiles, Nokia City Lens, Bing Search and NFC.

If you would like to know anything specific let me know.

More updates tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Life with a Nokia Lumia 620

  1. considering the midrange specs, how do you find the overall speed of the device? Any lag in scrolling, screen refresh?


      1. That’s some statement, considering your love of the iPhone and iOS. Looking forward to your further reports 🙂


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