Day 4 with the Samsung Note 2 – it’s gone back

Yesterday I hit a stumbling block and something that has incensed me.

The Note 2 cannot be used with a micro sd card properly. You are told you can expand the memory using one but this is a lie. It can only be used for photos and music you transfer there from iTunes or another source. The Note 2 sold by Three has 16gb memory of which about 12gb is free.

So all apps, movies and music you purchase get saved in to the pathetic 12gb internal memory. Gone is the option to move apps to the micro sd card. Third party solutions don’t work and rooting voids your warranty and doesn’t work either. And why should I need to do this after spending over £500 on a phone.

Apparently this is a jelly bean premium suite feature. Even worse still is that when you link your Dropbox account to the phone it creates a cache. Mine was 4gb. So I ran out of memory and didn’t have all my apps on the device either.

So what should have been a simple return and refund to the Three Store was a stressful affair. First I was told they only do exchanges and no refunds and I would have to call customer services to get a refund agreed. Customer services told me it was the stores problem. So I exercised my legal rights and told the store they had mis sold the phone as the memory is not expandable. After a call back 5 mins later they agreed to do a full refund. Very illegal tactics stating the cant do refunds in the first place!

Now had this been Apple, the refund process would have been easy and painless.

Anyway despite the memory issue the Note 2 was amazing. In the meantime I’m back to my boring but reliable iPhone 5. Now the dilemma on finding something else.

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