Phone Calls and Data

As phones become more Internet based and media devices, with larger and larger screens, are the days of phone calls coming to an end.

Unlikely since there are still many reasons to call over other mediums. But the usage is rapidly dropping. I myself have a mobile contract that focuses on data. I have an all you can eat data allowance, along with calls and texts. But as the years have moved on, the actual calls is diminishing.

As more and more people switch away from their dumb phones and move to a phone that uses the Internet, are we moving to an era when the mobile networks will freeze under the weight of data as opposed to phone calls. I think we will see a slow down of data speeds in the UK, and also a rise in data costs. The volume of traffic requirements is just growing faster than the system can cope.

So here’s some irony. The network overloads and freezes your data. Back then to making a good old fashioned phone call.

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