John Lewis & Target – Retailers challenging Amazon

John Lewis a well established UK department store reported huge increases in its online orders over Christmas and made a jibe back at Amazon, stating it paid UK tax unlike Amazon.

John Lewis gained online sales despite Amazon’s dominant position. This shows that Amazon is not invincible to clever competition.

Now Target, a US store, has stated it is going to price match Amazon all year round, so as not to allow its stores to become browsing only but to encourage browse and purchases.

So if Amazon is all about price, what happens when price is no longer their unique selling point. I wonder of this is the first fight back by traditional retailers against Amazon.

Somehow, I think Amazon is too well established but anything is possible.

1 thought on “John Lewis & Target – Retailers challenging Amazon

  1. Amazon has such a wide selection of stuff that you can buy almost anything there. For now they still don’t charge state taxes in most states (although I see that changing soon – it already has for some states). Also, depending on how many people actually take advantage of price matching, it could prove very costly for Target. Best Buy lost money by price matching iPhones. I always think price matching is a slippery slope for brick & mortar retailers.


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