Glif+ for iPhone 5 Review

About a month ago I received the first stock of the Glif+ from Studio Neat. This product is really slick. It is a genius design and so good I keep thinking to myself why I didn’t think of it.


So what is the Glif and the Glif+. The Glif is a plastic mould that simply attaches to your iPhone 5 to allow you to then attach it to a tripod. I got a Glif+. This adds a further support for an even securer attachment to a tripod. See below.


I selected this option as I use my tripod on Dartmoor where the land is rugged and often very blustery. The great part is with the Glif+ you get another piece to attach it to a key ring ready for when you need to use it next.


But obviously you won’t be using it 24/7 with your tripod. But it has other uses. It can act as a stand for the iPhone 5 in either landscape or portrait. Ideal for watching movies or FaceTime calls.

This piece of kit has really transformed my iPhone photography and been my desktop stand attachment in my office.


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