Review From the Past – Brando USB Roll-Up Drum Kit

Here is another gadget review of mine from the past. Actually it was written on 19th June 2007

Brando USB Roll-up Drum Kit

Pros: Great fun, small and discrete. Won’t annoy the neighbours.

Cons: None


Good day everyone. For my next review, I thought I would review another item that caught my attention from Brando Shopping – a USB Roll-Up Drum Kit.

The USB Roll-up Drum Kit came in a well package box to protect the contents, which included the drum kit, 2 plastic sticks, instructions and cd software.

I first installed the software onto my pc, and then plugged the drum kit into the usb port and voila. In case you are wondering, the official specifications are:-

  • Rolls up to a small size
  • Easy storage
  • Innovative interfaces allows all programming and sound to be activated on your computer screen
  • 3-level learning feature
  • Play along option
  • Record/playback and program option
  • Save and E-mail to friends
  • Tone: 6 Levels and Default of (-3 to +3)
  • Tempo 40-208 Bpm
  • Five playing pads (for Sanre, kick, plus 2 toms)
  • 50 Percussion Sounds
  • 20 Preprogrammed percussion sets
  • 100 Preprogrammed beats
  • Plugs into your USB for power
  • No batteries required
  • Compatible with Windows XP/2000
  • A pair of drum stick
  • CD with software
  • User guide

As you can see from the photo below, it is not too big. There are many options and special effects. You do not have to use the external drum kit, you can operate it via your pc using the mouse on the drum controls on the software. However, I personally found using my hands on the external drum kit the most fun.

The pc controls are very simple. My laptop has seen better days, hence the vertical lines on the screen. Refer to picture below:-


Obviously, this drum kit is not as good as the real thing, but it certainly takes away a lot of frustration, and is very fun to use and has a number of options, more than I anticipated. Recommended. Any comments or questions please ask. Gavin.

7 thoughts on “Review From the Past – Brando USB Roll-Up Drum Kit

  1. hi gavin, thanks for your review, i order mine from ebay and only now i realized it has not CD with it, do you know if there is a link on the internet where i can download the software? i tried looking without success.
    thanks anyway 🙂


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