Princetown Weather St

Princetown Weather Station

Daily weather updates have moved to Princetown Weather Station twitter feed @PrincetownWStat or click . (Note you do not need to be a member of twitter to view the twitter feed)

Princetown, a grim little town some 1,400 ft above sea level, with an abominable climate of fog, snow, wind [and rain]… exposed to the bitter N and E winds, the least suitable place that could ever have been chosen for a town. Quote by WG Hoskins 1954. For more information from on Princetown click here and here. For more information on Dartmoor itself click here..

And then there is the Legendary Beast of Dartmoor. Click here.

In 1963, Dartmoor got cut off by the severe Winter Storm. The BBC Archive has video footage filmed from a helicopter. In more recent times, snow fell as late as May in 2013. News item from Channel 4 news.


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