HTC One M7 and M8 – Mega Reviews

Below are the direct links to each part of the review, blog, comparison and posts I have written on the HTC One M7. If you want to read my MEGA review of the HTC ONE M8 click here HTC One M8 review

HTC One Full Specs

HTC One First Impressions

HTC One Pre Camera Filter Effects

HTC One Review Part 2

HTC One Review Part 3

HTC One Review Part 4

HTC One Review Part 5

HTC One Review Part 6

HTC One Review Part 7

HTC One Review Part 8

HTC One Review Part 9

HTC One The Final Verdict

HTC One – Daily Blog

HTC One – Car and Charging Tip

HTC One Camera Shot of the Week

HTC One Browser tip

HTC One Review vs Samsung S3/S4/Note 2 / iPhone 5 and Nokia Lumia 620

HTC One Camera Samples

HTC One Highlighting Camera

HTC One Blinkfeed Tip

For more reviews on accessories of all types click here.

And for smartphone reviews click here.

If you are buying anything on Amazon, please use the link below. This will help support Gavin’s Gadgets with all the running costs and more and won’t be any different in cost. Thanks in advance.



10 thoughts on “HTC One M7 and M8 – Mega Reviews

  1. Hi Gavin, thanks for all the review notes – it has been helpful in getting my new HTC One setup to do what I need. Two questions I cannot find the answer to on the web: (1) how did you get the mail shortcut to replace the browser on the main shortcut bottom area of your home screen? (2) Do you know how to edit the ‘Sent from my HTC’ email signature – it’s all changed from my old Android ‘General Settings’ area, and cannot find it for love nor money! Thanks.


    1. Hi Shawn

      Make sure you have some space on a home screen. Press and drag app out of the dock. With the mail app on the home screen, drag mail icon in whatever position you want.

      With the HTC Mail app, open it, tap 3 dots , settings, general settings and edit the signature.

      Hope this helps.


      1. Hi Gavin,

        Thanks for that, I hadn’t realised I needed to be showing all apps but it’s sorted now and the email too – just hadn’t explored far enough yet (into day 2 now of ownership!). What a fantastic phone, the screen is something to behold – just incredible! Am also enjoying the blink feeds, would recommend this device without hesitation.

        All the best.


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