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Or if you are buying anything on Amazon, please use the link below. This will help support Gavin’s Gadgets with all the running costs and more and won’t cost you anything extra either. As an Amazon Associate I earn from links to qualifying purchases. Thanks in advance.



If you would like to make a donation, please send payment via PayPal to –



Over the last 15+ years, I have written nearly 600+ reviews covering phones, gadgets, software, audio devices, connected home, security, photography and accessories.

Apart from publishing reviews and news on “gavinsgadgets”, I can be found on Google+. Facebook, Twitter , Tumblr and YouTube


If you wish to have your product reviewed then please get in touch using the email address at the end of the post.


I have co-hosted 2 podcasts, “Gav & Dave’s Tech Podcast” and “Tech Addicts Podcast”. I have also appeared on several other podcasts, “Phones Show Chat”, “TechTalk UK”, “Coolsmartphone Podcast” and “MobileTech Podcast with Tnkgrl”.


I also take many photos of Dartmoor and surrounding areas. I use Dartmoor as the test subject to analyse the smartphone camera quality. If you select albums, you will find all your favourite smartphone albums. To view these click here Flickr photos

I am available for freelance work and if you wish to purchase any of my photos, please get in touch,.


To contact me via email – gavinfabl at gmail dot com



10 thoughts on “About/Help Me/Shopping Links

  1. I got diagnosed with type 2 and was having >300 blood glucose levels. I tried several recommended diets before I went to using glycemic loading. Now my numbers are normal and I lost 19 lbs in 3 months and I have a more flexible diet. Also I just bought an oppo ha2 before the ha2se came out. I like my ha2 very much. Is it worth buying an ha2se or buying another brand of portable headphone amp /dac. Also I have a head phone amp made by headroom, I will be using B&W p9. What small dac only do you think is good.


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