The Future of Gavin’s Gadgets – Editorial

I have been thinking what to do next with my website Gavin’s Gadgets. It will turn 4 years old this December.

I remember starting it on a whim just before Christmas 2012 because another one of my favourite websites had decided to shutter its doors. So I downloaded the WordPress app on my iPad, setup Gavin’s Gadgets in a few minutes and bashed out my first post.

When I started I honestly had no idea where it would go. Would it be dead in a few months, would anybody be bothered to read it. Now writing reviews wasn’t new to me, I had written reviews, beta tested software for over 10 years before I started Gavin’s Gadgets.

So over the years, each year in terms of visitors and traffic, the numbers has grown exponentially, far more than I imagined possible. But then it got me thinking, what is more important, visitor numbers or content or something else. August 2016 was an epic month in terms of statistics.

As Gavin’s Gadgets has grown I have had to re-organise and tweak the menus and design. Organisational skills have never been my strength but at least now using the menu option you can find reviews on over 400 different devices. Of course, if you have a tech question, try entering it in the search box. Often the answer is revealed (hopefully).

So my next question to myself and one I have been pondering for a while, is what is the future for Gavin’s Gadgets. Gavin’s Gadgets is not my day job, it is what I do in my limited spare time. I enjoy it too. But my day job always takes priority. Gavin’s Gadgets doesn’t produce any revenue. I do have an Amazon Affiliates account (link in the Menu, About Me/Help) and a tiny tiny amount of advertising. I deliberately keep the adverts to a minimum so you can read the content. The few pennies raised helps towards running Gavin’s Gadgets. Please please if you buy anything on Amazon UK, head over via my Amazon link. Thank you.

So what is the future for Gavin’s Gadgets?

– Well, I wouldn’t mind some thoughts and ideas on what you would like to see.

– Over the last year or so I have done more reviews which has meant less news. Perhaps you would like more news and less reviews?

– I even have documented my 8 week 800 calories a day diet. Would you like more articles on food, health and fitness with a tech slant?

– I have produced video reviews to compliment the written reviews. Do you like these or want more or less of these?

– Or maybe some posts on apps and how to get more out of your phone?

– I have also written more reviews on headphones and audio gear? Would you like more or less of these?

– Maybe you have another idea. Please let me know.

Finally, thank you for visiting 🙂


PS –

Reviews coming soon include –

– Honor 8
– BlackBerry DTEK50
– Apple iPhone 7 Plus
– Apple AirPods
– Beats Wireless Solo 3
– Apple iPhone 7 cases
– Apple Watch Series 2


17 thoughts on “The Future of Gavin’s Gadgets – Editorial

  1. Great work. Have been reading more of the site since I put it on Feedly. Admittedly, I don’t read all the articles but have been reading the stuff on headphones and audio ( I own the Marshall bluetooth, Audio Technica ATH-S500 and Fischer Audio earbuds).

    Strong opinions – especially on the Samsung articles. And I enjoyed that too, though I’m still using the Note7 while waiting for my exchange set next week.

    Would like to see some apps or software review and how to get he best out of them.

    Carry on the good work!

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  2. I drop in every now and again, and what I enjoy most is reading your opinion / take on things. That’s what makes this different to other news sites: news is pretty generic and easy to find, and I wouldn’t put much emphasis on simply (re-)reporting.

    Format-wise, I’m not a fan of video. I can see that it can be useful in some circumstances, such as to demonstrate certain functions of a device, or how something looks, but my preference is for text and photos. I’m happy to skim the text of a review of a device I’m not interested in, just to see what your thoughts are, but I would not watch a video of the same device.

    The most important thing though is to do what you enjoy, even if that means losing some readers. Your motivation, as you have said, is a free time hobby / escapist activity, if you want to monetise, sure, chase reader number and plaster more ads, but it would strike me as the worst of both worlds to try to go mainstream while keeping it as a hobby.


    1. Neil, thanks for the feedback. Rest assured I am definitely not going after ultimate visitor numbers as I am extremely happy with the numbers. And I personally hate adverts, so you won’t see any change on my site with those 🙂


  3. This is one of my favourite sites for reviews as you’re honest and clearly don’t have any agendas etc, which is refreshing!

    I’m not into audio stuff but still enjoy your reviews on them (is that weird?!) so for me, more of the same would be good.

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  4. More of the same too please although if less articles meant you were out exercising on a bike etc getting you to your weight loss goal then that would be allowed.

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  5. Reviews are the most important for me. As a phone addict, I am buying new kit every 6 months or so, and what draws me to your site, is that you understand the difference between a high end phone, mid range and budget. Last year, a number of writers were constantly comparing high end androids to a MotoG, which really put me off.

    Also, although you are an iphone user now, I would never be able to guess from your reviews. I have read so many reviews on Android, from iphone users, and frankly, they should never have published their articles.

    With your reviews, it is obvious that you have owned/used many phones which is extremely useful experience and shows in your reports.

    News is non-essential as I get this from GSMarena, but news regarding UK promos and special offers is very welcome, as I am usually the last to find out!

    I don’t mind the audiophile stuff, as you always make it phone related.

    Anyway, keep this site going! One of my favourites!

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  6. Personally, I would like to know more about the apps you use on the iPhone and your opinions on the apps and their use. I do find it refreshing to read reviews from a real users point of view. Audiophile products are not a personal interest to myself but I think you should continue to write about whatever interests you and somethings that am totally uninterested in makes for very interesting reading. I am tired of reading re-reported news and have been guilty of doing the same when I wrote on a regularly basis and so I don’t think that is something you need to incorporate into your site when there are already so many other sites that offer this. I have not seen any of your videos so I cannot comment on their usefulness.

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