Camera Focusing Speed is Everything – Here’s the Proof

The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge camera only has a 12mp rear camera, but it comes with the fastest focusing speed in the house. And sometimes, this is the only point that matters. Lots more detail is irrelevant if you miss the moment.

I have loads of examples to prove this point but below are 3 shots snapped last night.

First up my 2 female labradors, Fury and Tiggy. They were running at the time. I slightly cropped the photo to bring the dogs more in to the frame.

Here come the girls - Tiggy & Fury with big happy faces #Dartmoor

Next up is George. Looks like a selfie but actually he was running at full force. I was able to crop this shot slightly to focus more on George and lose more of Tiggy’s body on the right.

George Selfie on Dartmoor - drenched in water #Dartmoor #dog

And lastly just to prove how fast the S7 camera is, Fury photobombed this macro. The camera still got her chin and tongue. This shot was completely untouched.

Photobomb Macro - Fury bombs in #fastdog #Dartmoor #macro

I really like the shot above 🙂

3 thoughts on “Camera Focusing Speed is Everything – Here’s the Proof

  1. Given its low light capabilities and fast focus, I figured that the S7 might be good for shooting moving children or pets indoors, but according to a comparison on recombu (G5 vs S7 vs Z5 vs iPhone 6s):

    “As for motion, all four phones struggled to capture a fast-moving pet or toddler, even in a well-lit environment. The S7 seems to suffer worse than the others, because of its wide-aperture lens, but results are blurry on all counts. The LG G5 actually has an advantage in this area however, with its wide-angle snapper. This makes it much easier to snap any animals or tiny humans who are flapping around in front of you, so you don’t end up capturing little more than a fuzzy ear or half a face.”

    Link to comparison:

    Any thoughts Gavin?

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